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The first delivery using the Packaly Dashboard
The first delivery using the Packaly Dashboard

To give you an idea of how the first delivery will go, in this article we have explained the process what is expected of you

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Arranging a delivery with Packaly is quick and easy. The type of delivery option you use will determine when one of our Riders will visit your Store.

60 minute Delivery

With a 60-minute delivery, it is best to prepare your order as soon as possible. In the best-case scenario, one of our Riders can be at the front of your store just 5 minutes after creation.

Evening delivery & Next-day delivery

With an Evening Delivery or Next-day Delivery, you have the time until the chosen time slot, to prepare the order. This gives you a little more time as a store. If the time slot of 17:00 - 18:00 is chosen, the Rider will take the order just after 17:00.

Scheduling an order

Add your store through the "settings page" on the dashboard

After your store has been added to the account, you can schedule a delivery through "New shipments".

Please note that when entering an address, one of the system address suggestions must be clicked, otherwise the possibility of entering the customer data will not be visible. If the addition of the house number is not visible in the suggestion list, it can still be added after selecting.

Fill in the package information and choose a convenient delivery time, during the opening hours of the store.

Press "send" and done! Now it is just waiting for the delivery moment.

Tracking the order

In the Dashboard, you can track your order if you go to "Shipments".

In this overview, you will find all the shipments you have made. You will see the entered order ID, customer name, pickup location, delivery location, and the status. By clicking the track and trace you can follow the order at any step of the process. The status button will change with every update as well.

If you have any questions about your first delivery with Packaly, please contact our support team which is available 7 days a week.

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