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How to add a WooCommerce shipping option
How to add a WooCommerce shipping option

When your shop has WooCommerce, you can implement standard shipping options. Let me explain you how.

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So you want to add Packaly as a shipping option to your WooCommerce store. Great! You can integrate directly with our API, with a plugin (coming soon), or use this quick how-to guide!

There are ways to make a standard shipping option in your store, just from the WooCommerce shipping options. So this guide will tell you everything on what to set up and what to configure for a Packaly 60-minute option or evening delivery to work. 

Step 1: Create a new Shipping Zone

When you login to your WooCommerce store, go to Settings under the WooCommerce settings tab:

After clicking on Settings, make sure that you are shipping to The Netherlands.

Next, let's add the Shipping Zones for 60-minute delivery and Evening delivery.

In the top tab, click on Shipping.

Step 2. Let's add the shipping information

After clicking on Shipping, you see your current Shipping zones. In the current Shipping zones we can add the zone for the Packaly shipping option around your store. 

Click, Add shipping zone to continue.

Now, let's fill in the necessary zone information and add the shipping options. 

First, give the zone name: For example: "Packaly Zone Utrecht"

Next, choose the zone region to be Netherlands and after choosing this region click "Limit to specific ZIP/postcodes"

After this you can add the ZIP/postcodes for your store location in one of our active cities. You can request the postal code for your store through

When you filled in the ZIP/postcodes for your city you can add the shipping methods by clicking on "Add shipping method"

Step 3. Let's add the specific shipping methods

When adding a shipping method, keep in mind that we have 2 options in our dashboard. We can add a 60-minute option and an evening delivery option. Let's start with the 60-minutes option.

After clicking Add shipping method, it will prompt a message making you choose options. Choose for the flat rate service when you want to charge for the delivery.

After adding the shipping method, you will see that it has been added with the flat rate name. We now need to change the information on this shipping method.

Click Edit and the screen will be prompted to edit the settings. Now, let's configure it as your 60-minute delivery option:

Change the name for the 60-minute delivery option and make sure to inform your customer about the times that Packaly is active (10:00 - 21:00). Don't add a tax status to the shipping option if you do not want to charge more on the shipment price. 

Now, let's repeat the same thing for the Evening delivery option.

Click "Add shipping method" and set the same settings and title for the evening delivery.

Step 4. Push everything live!

If everything went well, you will now see this in the backend

When you checkout on your store now, and someone fills in their postal code that is associated with the shipping zone, it will tell them they can ship with 60 min delivery 

That's it. The only thing you now have to do is manually set the delivery address from WooCommerce to Packaly Dashboard. 

Send an email to or start a chat to get instant support. 

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