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I received broken products, now what?
I received broken products, now what?

You received a damaged product and want to know what to do next

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We make sure that we ship a package safe, and our partners make sure that they pack the goods correctly. When your product is damaged, we need to fix that.

First things first

We will look at the case together, to determine what went wrong. We therefore have some clear steps to go over:

  • If the products are broken, but the package is not damaged, contact the store that you ordered the products with.

  • If the products are broken and the package is damaged as well, contact our support team by hitting the chat in the corner.ย 

  • If the products are damaged or incomplete, get in contact with the store that you did the order with.

Important note:
We will always advise you in helping and fixing these problems, but sometimes we cannot solve the problem. Keep in mind that we will always contact the store about the claim.ย 

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