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What do I need before going to the KVK office?
What do I need before going to the KVK office?

Before we can start your onboarding, you have to complete your KVK registration.

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It's great that you want to become a rider. You need some information before you go to the KVK. In order to get a KvK registration, you need the following information:

  1. BSN number

  2. Valid proof of identity

  3. An address in The Netherlands

  4. Dutch phone number (+31)

  5. Dutch bankaccount (IBAN)

What is the KvK?

The KvK stands for Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands. They call themself KvK, so we will refer to KvK.

What is a BSN number?Β 

The citizen service number (BSN) is a unique personal number allocated to everyone registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). When you register in the municipality, you will be registered in the BRP and you will automatically get a BSN.

What is a valid proof of identity?

The KvK requires a proof of your identity, that you will have to bring to one of the KVK branches in the Netherlands.

A valid proof of identity is:

  • a passport

  • a Dutch driving licence

  • a European identity document

  • a Dutch aliens document

  • a residency permit (for Non-EU)

Phone number and bank account

Before getting a bank account, you need a phone number. We recommend you to get a bundle with at least 2 gigabyte, to make sure you don't get into data troubles while doing deliveries.
The moment you have a phone number, it is time to get a bank account. There are several banks that offer affordable services. Here you can find more information about dutch banks and how to get a bank account.

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