You are doing a delivery and the customer is home. At the point you want to hand over the order the customer is not accepting it anymore. The store will take the order back and we will issue a return of the shipment. In this case please contact our support team so we can make sure that the following happens:

  • The order needs to be cancelled both on our side and on the stores side.

  • We will make sure that you get paid for delivery.

  • We will issue a return policy with the store, so there is a compensation. 

If the customer declines the current delivery because they want to change the order, make sure you mention this to support. Tell the customer to do a new purchase and cancel the other order with the store. 

You can now hand over the package to the customer and tell them to cancel it with the store. We do not offer returns yet so the customer has to file a return with the store as well. 

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