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I need to return a delivery to the store, how?
I need to return a delivery to the store, how?

When the customer is not at home, you need to deliver the order back to the store or to a neighbour.

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When you are not able to successfully deliver to the customer (for instance, if the customer was not at home), we need to take some steps before we return it to the store.Β 

First, let's go over these steps

  1. Have you tried to ring the bell twice?

  2. Call the customer, so we can validate that the person is not home.

  3. If the customer is not home but picks up the phone, ask him to forward the 4-digit code to his neighbor.Β 

  4. If the customer is not at home, and does not pick up the phone, we will hand you the code.Β 

  5. Check if the neighbors are home, deliver the package there.

  6. Always deliver to someone in hands, either the customer or the neighbor. If there is no one, you will need to return to the store.

If you need to return the delivery to the store because the customer wasn't able to take the delivery from you, you need to contact Rider Support in the Rider App.

After you reached the return destination we will handle the issue with the store and you will get new deliveries.Β 

Important note:

  • Make sure that you checked with the customer multiple times before you return the package to the store.

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