What equipment can I use?
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At Packaly we want you to work in a way that is best suited to your way of delivering. To do so we allow you to use your own equipment and vehicle.

However to make sure this doesn't clash with our system settings we require an approval step of your equipment. Too get our approval your equipment needs to meet the following standards.

It needs to be:

  • Unmarked (Meaning that it shouldn't have any other brands logo on it)

  • Fit our minimum size and weight requirements (These are 60x40x40cm and 10KG)

That is how simple it is! In case your bag doesn't get approved don't worry, we allow as many retry's as one might need.

Don't have the right equipment?* These are some recommendations from our team:

Need a bag?

In case you need an Electric bike or scooter:

Looking for an Electric vehicle or cargo bike?

*Make sure to only purchase equipment when you are at the least steps of the onboarding process! It is possible that you are waitlisted during the onboarding.

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