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Packaly x Collective benefits
How am I covered through Collective benefits?
How am I covered through Collective benefits?
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Packaly has partnered with Collective Benefits to provide you with extra benefits, extra insurance, and extra savings!

Now you can file a claim in minutes through the app, and our digital claims platform will keep you informed.

We offer protection to our self-employed Riders through several insurance plans:

1- Liability insurance: If you are involved in an accident when working with Packaly, and someone claims that you harmed them and/or damage to their property, you are covered with:

βœ“ Accident-related bodily injury

βœ“ Accidental property damage

βœ“ Defense costs

2- Permanent Critical Injury: If are involved in an accident while working you will be compensated for:

βœ“ Permanent partial disability

βœ“ Permanent total disability

βœ“ Funeral expenses

βœ“ Death

3- Income Protection: You will be compensated if you are unable to work due to an illness or personal injury for longer than the waiting period (a period which is specified in the agreements).

4- Supplemental Benefits: You will be compensated for the following situations/events :

βœ“ Care leave

βœ“ Family leave

βœ“ Assault

βœ“ Recovery after robbery

βœ“ Dislocation

βœ“ Fracture

βœ“ Scars on the face

βœ“ Medical costs

βœ“ Dental injury

βœ“ Hospital stay

βœ“ Hospital visit

Through the Wellness Program, you can have unlimited, 24/7 mental and/or physical support. Speak directly with specialized social workers, counselors, and psychologists to get the help or advice you might need. You can also talk through your sessions in your preferred language!

You can session a call for issues such as:

  • 🩺 Immediate Emotional Support: 24/7 confidential emotional support in case you need advice or guidance. All sessions are private and confidential!

  • πŸ’¬ Face-to-face, phone, or video counseling session: You can receive up to 6 counseling sessions that can be face-to-face, through phone or video calls, depending on what suits you best.

  • πŸ“„ Financial Support Services: Through this service, you can get the help or assistance you need to manage/handle your mortgage, debt, budgeting, or other financial planning.

  • πŸ‘ͺ Family Support Services: Through this service, you can get the help or assistance you need to handle challenges you face with family planning or caregiving responsibilities.

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