What is Collective Benefits?
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Collective Benefits it’s an all-around platform that offers self-employed individuals protection and wellness through insurance, benefits, and savings programs. Collective Benefits is NOT an insurance company.

Collective Benefits offers you protection through different types of insurance such as:

  • Accidents insurance: in case of an accident or injury

  • Sickness insurance: in case of work leave because of illness

  • Compassionate & Family leave insurance:in case you are celebrating the birth of a new child or saying farewell to a loved one

  • Accidental Death & disablement insurance

  • Public Liability Insurance: in case of a work accident or property damage

Collective Benefits offers you 24/7 wellbeing support in case of are feeling mentally or physically unwell.

Through the well-being program, you can have access to:

  • Digital GP: Convenient medical help through the phone, instant chat, or video.

  • Mental Health Support: Which can assist you every day through your challenges.

  • Financial and Family Support: A 24/7 advice line to support you with financial matters and other responsibilities.

All is offered in your preferred language!

With Collective Benefits, you can become part of the savings program.

Through this program you can take advantage of many discounts from essential products to big purchases, such as:

  • Daily Essentials in your favorite supermarkets and stores.

  • Lifestyle brands for those fashionistas out there.

  • Subscriptions to your favorite apps and sites.

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