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The team at Packaly are continuously looking to improve our delivery process! Recently we have noticed a high number of mistakes happening during the pickup and/or drop-off process. This is due to the barcode being autofilled, therefore riders are not always checking that they have correct parcel before leaving the store or customer.

In certain situations, riders mark orders automatically as collected without making sure the store gave them the correct order and same order is later marked as delivered to be able to complete the entire delivery.

This then notifies the customer that their package was delivered and falsely updates their Track & Trace. As result, this has a negative impact on all aspects of operations and causes delivery delays.


To improve this step, a second security layer has been added to both pickup and dropoff processes. We believe this will ensure that orders are not taken accidentally and, hopefully, reduce the incorrect status updates.

How it works:

  • After accepting a delivery the rider will navigate to the store to pick it up. When collecting manually the parcels, a new window prompt will be asking riders to input the last 4-digits of the barcode:

  • Once you have successfully input the last 4-digits of the barcode, the item will be marked as collected and you can continue with the rest of your orders.

  • If last 4-digits are incorrect, an error message will be displayed in the pop-up asking you to re-enter the 4-digits. Make sure to double check the first part of the barcode displayed on the pop up as well as the OrderID.

  • At dropoff, you will go throguh the same process again

The team at Packaly count on your collaboration to help us improve our customer experience! Please reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions or feedback.

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