We are glad to hear you want to work as one of the riders in our exclusive rider club. Let's get you through the onboarding process so you can start earning money quick! In this article we will guide you through the onboarding and let you know what you need to do so that you can join us as soon as possible.

Quick visual overview of our Rider onboarding steps:

Signing up as a rider

To start your onboarding we need you to sign up through our website. You do so by filling out the form you'll find on our website. Click on "Become a Rider" top right of the website or by using the button below.

Here we ask for basic information in order to set up the right application.

Packaly Rider Questionnaire

After you complete the form we ask you for information through a survey. You'll receive the survey through the email you mentioned on the form. We'll ask you for some personal info and business data to set up your agreement and get you through the rest of the onboarding.

Next to general information like name, address and IBAN-number we will ask you to provide us with a KVK-number (Chamber of Commerce) or KBO-number (Crossroad Bank for Enterprises). Want to know what you need? Check out our checklists:

If you do not have these details, No worries, there's always an easy solution on missing information, take a look at the articles below:

If you want to start riding in The Netherlands read: KVK or Verloning
Do you want to start in Belgium read: KBO/CBE and Accountable

Packaly Rider Agreement

Once we receive all your information we will produce your agreement and you'll receive it by email. We highly recommend to double check your details before we receive a signed version in return. You'll be updated by our team if there's any missing information.

Once you've completed and signed your rider agreement you will go towards the next step which is the rider video interview.

Rider Video Interview

You will receive an invite for an online interview in your email. This is an online interview you can record in your own time. Once you have sent your interview our team will review it. It might take between 2 to 5 days to be approved, once it is you will get an email.

Buy the rider gear

When the team has approved your interview you'll receive a link to purchase Packaly equipment. As soon as the bag leaves our warehouse our team will activate your account.

Account Activation

If you have received your bag, you will get your log in details via email. Once received you can log in with these credentials in the Packaly Rider App.

If you have any questions during the onboarding process please contact our support team through our website or in the app!

We hope to welcome you to the squad soon!

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