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Processing ABN instant payments in MoneyBird
Processing ABN instant payments in MoneyBird
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In this article we will cover how to add, upload and edit an ABN instant pay invoice in MoneyBird

To get started you will click on Invoices โ†’ External invoices โ†’ upload

Here you will upload the invoice and edit the details.

  1. Edit the description to say "Number of deliveries"

  2. Make sure the number on the left matches with the number on your invoice.

  3. Under VAT rate, category and project you will set these to

    • 21% btw

    • Omzet

    • No project (unless you want to assign it to a project)

  4. Click save after the next section is finished, otherwise you will just need to come back into your invoice and finish.

Under this you will see Period: Not selected.

  1. Select the month that your invoice comes from.

  2. Save

Next you will click on:

  1. Bank

  2. Link open amount

  3. Link

Then you are finished!

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