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All information regarding delivering with the new barcode system!

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For some stores, you will need to scan the barcodes of the parcels before you are able to continue with your delivery, this is an easy process, and we will go over the steps here!

1. Pick up from the store

If the store has barcode scanning turned on, you will need to scan the barcodes before starting with the delivery.

As you scan multiple parcels, they will be marked off in your list.

If the barcode is unreadable or damaged in any way, after 1 failed attempt to scan, the 'manual input' field will be pre-populated with the barcode. You will also be able to remove the barcode number if this is incorrect and enter the correct one.

2. Drop off to the customer

When you are at the drop-off, you can click on 'scan barcode' again to make sure you are giving the correct parcel to the customer.

If the barcode is unreadable, you will receive an error message and the correct barcode will be pre-filled. You can delete the barcode number and enter the correct characters if the one pre-filled is wrong. Once all the parcels are delivered and scanned, you can move on to the next delivery!

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