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What is the Packaly dress code?
What is the Packaly dress code?

What we offer and what we recommend you wear during your shift

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The most important thing for us at Packaly is that you feel comfortable on your bike! We don't require you to wear anything specific, however, we do have guidelines on what we would consider appropriate.

General Guidelines

  • All clothing should be clean and in good shape, clothing should be free from stains and other visible wear and tear

  • Appropriate footwear for cycling

  • Comfy but not shabby!

Equipment we offer

  • Packaly backpack with correct dimensions, which is designed to fit 100% of the products our clients offer to ship

What we recommend you bring with you to your shift

  • Refillable water bottle, you can see where there are free refill stations using RefillMyBottle Play Store App Store *note, this app may not have stations marked in your city yet

  • Handlebar phone holder, in accordance with Dutch law it is forbidden to hold your phone in your hand while cycling

  • Power bank to re-charge your phone while on-the-go

  • Water tight clothing for when there is rain! You can check whether it will rain or not with Buienalarm: Play Store App Store

  • Snacks, because this is a very active job!

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