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How does the Rider app work?
How does the Rider app work?

A short and clear description on how the rider app works before you get started

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To do your job well, we want you to understand how the rider app works so you can do deliveries effective and quickly. There are several ways that our platform works, but it's important to understand the basics.

Step 1 - Login to the app

When you start riding for the first time, we give you a rider app account. With that app account, you can login to our rider app:

After you logged in, you will be able to start working.

Step 2 - Starting work

Click the Start working button. After you've clicked this, the system will search for your location. If you have GPS turned off or the proper permissions have not been set, you will need to click on Accept location service

Once it has found your location (which can take up to 2 minutes) it will show you that you are active in the app:

Step 3 - Doing your delivery

After you've set your status to active, you are ready to accept a delivery. Remember: you always need the Packaly Rider Bag to do your deliveries. This has the dimensions of our system and is able to take any of the parcel sizes.

Now, let's get riding. There is a delivery popping into your account. Here's a multi-delivery ready to be picked up.

Now, let's click on Accept.

Once you have clicked Accept, you will be asked to confirm.

We make sure that you want to pick-up the delivery, as we really need to make sure that you can do this delivery now! Click Yes if you want to do the delivery and click No if you do not want to do the delivery.

Next, time to pickup the parcel.

We've got the route ready in the app for you. Click Start navigation to let Google Maps guide you to the destination. Click Pickup delivery when you are at the pickup location and you are actually picking up the parcel.

Awesome, you are at the store and ready to pickup the delivery. Show the order number(s) to the store employee so you know for sure that you are taking the correct parcel(s). You can also Contact Support in this step if you have questions. Continue to scan each barcode of the parcel(s) that you are able to pick up, if there are any missing, please ask a store manager or worker, and Contact Support. Press Scan barcodes to continue.

If you accidentally scan the wrong package, the rider app will let you know.

The app will ask you if you have the correct items, if you are not sure, click: No and when you are certain click Yes

Once you have scanned your barcode(s), the app will ask you if you have everything. If you are not sure, click: No and when you are certain click Yes to continue.

Alright, next steps then.

Now, you can see 3 buttons and a route from A (pickup location) to B (drop-off location). First, click Start navigation to route yourself to the destination. When you arrived at the customer's address you can ring the doorbell. If needed, you can give the customer a call by clicking Call <CustomerName>.

Now, let's click Deliver order. Here you will see 2 options:

You can either confirm that you dropped the parcel off correctly at the correct person by clicking The customer is at home which, in some cases, prompts you the confirmation code we send to the customer. The confirmation code is attached to the tracking email, and sometimes unfortunately can be found in the customers SPAM box.

Remember, the confirmation code is a 4 digit code.

Now, when you click I want to deliver at the neighbor you will prompt the option to send us the address you did actually drop off the parcel. You cannot send in the same address to bypass the code, sorry!

You can send in the new drop-off address, which is send to our live support employees who process the neighbour deliveries. We will always have to approve the neighbour delivery. While we are reviewing it, you will see:

*It can happen that we have to decline the neighbour delivery if we see the street names aren't the same or if the addresses are too far away etc. We will message you to get further details

Awesome, you've dropped the parcel off at the customer. If the customer is not home we always try to deliver to a neighbour. When you are through the process, you've successfully completed your first delivery!

Now, you can either click Stop working or you can accept a next delivery by clicking New delivery.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support!

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