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Packaly requires riders to have a KVK number so they are able to register as freelancers, with the process becomes easier.

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You probably wonder why Packaly endorses riders to register for a KVK number via Therefore, we put together a small FAQ to answer all your important questions regarding

In case you want to get a account, press the button below:

Why should a Rider use instead of getting his KVK at the CoC (chamber of commerce)?

  • No accounting required

  • Send invoices quick and easy

  • Use our insurance facilities

  • Easy and fair option for retirement

  • Highest net pay-out

How long does it take for to confirm my registration?

If you are a freelancer from the Netherlands, it will take 10 minutes.

If more documentation is needed, because you are a foreign freelancer, please keep 1 workday in mind.

If I earn 1000 euro as a freelancer via, how does my payslip look like? has an online calculation tool, where you can see what your net balance is on your invoice. The net outcome depends on the conditions the freelancers have chosen.

Am I allowed to use an international bank card to register for

No, you cannot use an international bank card. only works with Dutch bank account numbers. As a freelancer, you need to verify yourselves through your bank via iDin or iDeal and that is only possible with a Dutch bank account.

Am I allowed as a non-EU citizen to register for

If a freelancer is from outside of the EU will need extra information:

  • You must upload a copy of a valid proof of identity (not a driver's license) during the registration process.

  • A document stating that you are allowed to work in the Netherlands (for example a proof on your passport or residence permit).

  • Dutch BSN number

If a freelancer is from inside of the EU extra information is needed:

  • Passport

  • Document with Dutch BSN number

Am I allowed to use an international phone number to register for

Yes, you are allowed to have an international phone number.

Only the system doesnโ€™t recognize phone numbers longer than 10 digits. Please contact Verlonings customer service to change your number correctly. With your registration you can fill in a fictional phone number with 10 digits, so you can complete your registration.

What is the best way to contact for Registration/login issues?

Best ways to get in contact with them for all your issues:

By phone โ€“ 010 261 0266

By chat โ€“

By mail โ€“

If you have any further questions regarding the registration process via we would advise you to contact them directly (contact information above). If you have any further questions regarding the general application process for becoming a Packaly rider please do not hesitate to contact us.

Convinced to get a account? Then press the button below:

Note: If you already have your own KvK number that is not registered via that is also fine.

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