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How far does Packaly deliver from my store to my customers?
How far does Packaly deliver from my store to my customers?

I have a store and I want to know if I am able to deliver the distance to my customers with Packaly.

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If you are a company and have a Packaly account then you are able to create a store if that store is located inside one of our active cities. Once you have created a store it means you have selected a specific area from where you want to deliver your products from to your customers.

Distance restrictions

When you create an order on the Packaly dashboard, you are given several boxes on the left side of the screen to fill-in, including the customers address that was given to you by the customer. Once you have completed this procedure Packaly processes the information and will show if the route from your store to the customers address aligns with Packaly's distance restrictions. Packaly's distance restriction consists of a radius of 4 kilometres from the store that you previously created. When the distance goes beyond the 4 kilometres limit, the dashboard will indicate that the delivery of the product cannot be obtained by Packaly and therefore the order will not go through.Β 

Selection of zonesΒ 

Packaly also operates in their own delivery zone which is covering every city. In case your store is in the far end of our zone, it can result that the radius is not 4 kilometres but less. This area can be expanded in the future if there is enough demand and enough orders being made in a certain area.

The reason for such as selection and division process is, it enables Packaly to provide you with the best possible service and makes 60 minutes delivery possible. Should the store be on the border and more sales are being added up together (by the same or other stores) a new more defined zone will be created in which Packaly will deliver from.

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