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Which cities is Packaly currently active in?
Which cities is Packaly currently active in?

These are the cities that Packaly is currently active. Stay up to date, this regularly changes.

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Packaly is expanding its services fast. We try to explore new cities and launch in a new city every month. Therefore, it's important to stay up to date with our activities to see where we are and where we are expanding to.Β 

Current active cities in The Netherlands:

  • Alkmaar

  • Almere

  • Amersfoort

  • Amstelveen

  • Amsterdam

  • Apeldoorn

  • Arnhem

  • Breda

  • Delft

  • Den Bosch

  • Eindhoven

  • Enschede

  • Groningen

  • Haarlem

  • The Hague

  • Leiden

  • Maastricht

  • Nijmegen

  • Rotterdam

  • Tilburg

  • Utrecht

  • Zwolle

​Important note:
We are expanding fast to different cities. If you are looking to sign-up as a rider, check out this page.

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