Our goal is to enable quick urban deliveries within 60 minutes or time-slots of 60 minutes for everyone. To realize this, we made it as easy as possible.

There is no investment needed

Starting with Packaly means no startup fees. You only pay for every delivery, which can be a scheduled delivery or an on-demand 60-minute delivery. Once you did sign up, you can immediately reach your customer with our 60-minute delivery option.

Create a unique proposition

Ready to give your customers more convenience? Our Packaly riders are delivering your package within 60 minutes. Together we create a proposition that changes the way we think of delivery.

Your own shipping environment

With your email address and your own password you get access to your own environment where deliveries can be requested, paid and followed up. You're totally in control and if you need help or in need of an answer, our support team is reachable by chat in the Store Dashboard

Our website gives you more information about our service.

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