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The store is taking too long, what can I do?
The store is taking too long, what can I do?

This is what you do when you are waiting very long at a store.

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Sometimes a store can take a while to prepare a delivery. When you are waiting for the store to prepare the delivery you on average should give them around 10 minutes max. We agree with every store a different estimation, but it needs to be reasonable. You are always allowed to ask for the timing.Β 

What to do when packing a delivery takes more than 10 minutes

  • Talk to the store employee. You should tell them what delivery you are picking up and how long you have been waiting. The store has a time frame of 10 minutes.

  • Ask them the estimated prepare time so you can take this in account for yourself.Β 

  • If the store is not packing your delivery, contact Packaly Support Team so we can register the time and contact the store and help you with new deliveries.

Important note:
We have agreements with stores about the prepare time they have. It's never more than 15 minutes. Contact support and report them about the prepare time that they have when it takes too long.

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