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The products are damaged, what can I do?
The products are damaged, what can I do?

What to do when the products you are delivering are damaged.

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You are on your way to a delivery or still picking up the products and you find out that the products you need to deliver are damaged before you even touched them or you find out at the customer door. This is very inconvenient but it's best to tell us immediately.ย 

What do you do next?ย 

  • When you are at the pick-up location and you see that the box or package you need to deliver is damaged, first tell the employee at the store to check the box.

  • If the package is so damaged that you cannot take it anymore, feel free to refuse or tell them to repack it and check the products.ย 

  • Please, contact the Support Team and let them know of any challenges with this matter.

๐Ÿšซ We advise you not to pick up damaged products.

Important note:
If the store does not want to repack the products, contact Packaly support so we can look into the problem together with you and the store.ย 

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