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The customer isn't home, how do I deliver at the neighbour?
The customer isn't home, how do I deliver at the neighbour?

What to do when your customer is not home or opening the door

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When the customer doesn't show up when you arrive, there are a few steps you have to take:

  • Ring the doorbell 3 times

  • Call the customer

  • If no one picks up, contact support

Ring the bell to see if someone is home

It can happen when you rang the bell and there is not an immediate response. The customer can be busy with something else, so wait patiently. If there is no response the first try, maybe try it one or two more times. Don't spam the customers doorbell..

Call the customer

Call the customer and tell you are delivering the order and mention the store where you picked it up. Ask if it's possible to deliver it in the customers' place, or if you should deliver it at the neighbor. If the customer agrees with delivering it at the neighbor, you should ask the confirmation code and deliver it at the preferred place.Β 

The customer doesn't pick up, deliver at the neighbor!

When the customer doesn't pick up, you can deliver it at the neighbor. Once you found a neighbor who can take the delivery, you pick the option "At neighbors" in the app. Once you pick this option, you get a screen with the original delivery address. In this screen you have to change the address in the neighbor address and press "Send". Now we verify the given address, this can take up to 30 seconds. After this is successfully done, you're ready to do another delivery.

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