We try to make sure that every product you have to deliver, fits in the delivery bag. When you can't put all products in your bag you need to tell the store to cancel the order or tell the store to order another delivery rider to bring the products. 

The store requests a new delivery

In order to get the other products delivered on time, the store can order an extra delivery. This will solve the problem in case there is no single product that exceeds the bag dimensions. 

The store cancels the order

When the store doesn't want to proceed the order at all, they can cancel the delivery. As a Rider you will get paid.

Use the Packaly bag 

The Packaly algorithm will calculate if certain products fit in the bag together. It sums up the dimensions of the goods, if it fits in the dimensions of a Packaly Delivery bag then it is accepted. In case you use another bag, it can happen that your bag is a little smaller. This can cause problems, therefore we recommend you to use the Packaly delivery bag at all times.

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