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My bicycle just broke, what do I do?
My bicycle just broke, what do I do?

What to do when you have a flat tire, a broken chain or another problem with your bike that blocks you from finishing your order or shift.

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As a courier your bike is crucial. When you have troubles with your bike, which blocks you from doing your shift, the best thing to do is contact us.

Trouble when you are not doing a delivery?

In case of bike trouble when you are not doing a delivery, for example when you are waiting for an order, you can turn yourself inactive and contact Support.

If you think you can repair your bike, also let us know.

Did you repair your bike and your shift didn't end? Don't hesitate on continuing doing deliveries.

You are doing a delivery?

You just accepted an order and you are on your way to pick up the goods, or you are already on your way top the customer when trouble with your bike arises, what to do now. You have to decide if you can continue the delivery. Decide yourself if it's safe and okay to ride your bike. Can't ride the bike? Contact support and make sure that someone takes over the order.

If you still have to pick-up the order, or the customer lives far away, don't hesitate to ask support if there is one of your fellow Riders available. Explain the situation to our Support Team and they will assign a different rider to the order.

How does it work with payment?

In case you made it to the customer, you will be paid out the total amount, which is stated in the Rider App. When one of your fellow Riders is helping you out, you get the payment for the pick-up of the order.Β 

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