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I declined an order, what happens next?
I declined an order, what happens next?

What happens when you do not want to do a certain order and you decline it?

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One of the perks of being self-employed, is that you decide which order you accept and which you decline. Declining an order will not affect your future work. But, we think it's pretty important to know what happens when you decline an order.

Two options arise when you skip an order

  1. One of your co-Riders gets the order. You just wait until a next order will be assigned to you, that you would like to deliver.ย 

  2. You see the order being assigned again to you. This means that none of your fellow Riders are available. In this situation the order will be offered to you until one of your co-Riders gets available, or when you accept it.ย 

To decide you have averagely 120 seconds

You cannot wait for longer than 120 seconds on average on an order. If you don't make a decision to accept or decline the order, the order will be offered to one of your fellow Riders after averagely 120 seconds.

When you keep declining the order

We do understand that you might not like the order that is assigned to you. In case you really don't want to accept it, just be patient and wait for the next order.ย 

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