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I changed my opening hours, how do I inform you guys?
I changed my opening hours, how do I inform you guys?

If your store has different opening times or you need to change them, this is how to get it done.

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Currently, store support makes sure that the opening times are changed in the case these are updated. When the store is onboarding on the platform, we include the opening times of the store in our system.
Based on your opening hours we can inform you if Packaly is active. We deliver normally between 10:00 in the morning and 21:00 in the evening. So that's 11 business hours during the day.

Important note:

  • If the opening times need to be changed you can do this in the dashboard.Β 

  • When the store is closed or you go on a holiday, make sure that you update these times.Β 

  • If for an unknown reason the store cannot open on that day or is closed on the day itself during opening hours, make sure to notify Store support about the situation.

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