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How do I apply for a KVK appointment?
How do I apply for a KVK appointment?

We explain you how you get your appointment at the KVK office.

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You can get registered with the KvK (Chamber of Commerce) on their website and at the KvK itself. You need an appointment for it and you need to have some information ready to hand over to the KvK.

You can do the application yourself online, it's pretty easy. There are some steps to cover before you can go there:

Let's get started with navigating to the correct form

  1. Go to the website of the KvK. When you enter the website, scroll to the bottom and click on English if needed.

2. After you clicked English you realise that the sweet people at the KVK did not take the time to translate the header on their website, so I will explain it. 

Click on Inschrijven, right here:

3. After realising that their English translation is instead magically Dutch you click the following option:

4. Awesome, you do not want to buy someone's company right? So you click the following next step:

5. For your freelancing position an Eenmanszaak is the correct option:

6. You now came to the step of filling in the necessary information. We will guide you through these steps as well, which can be a bit longer than expected.

On the page they show you 3 steps. We need to go through these 3 steps to get your appointment planned and you are all ready to start. These are the steps:

In the first step they will ask you for your name and email address:

Fill in your email and name and press the following button:

After pressing this message you will receive an email to confirm the application. After you confirm the KvK website will ask you to fill in the details to these questions. Because they can be a bit unclear from Dutch to English and also unclear in this article, we offer 2 options:

  1. Click on option 2:

  2. Talk to us on support. Go to the homepage of the website and tell one of our support reps that you are finishing the application to get a KvK and you need some help!

When you did this, let's do step 2 of the process. This is planning an actual appointment to finish the submission. Go ahead and click it. You will get the question to choose the city you want to go to the KvK to.

Choose for instance Utrecht and a window will pop-up. 

Look for a date that you both can make it and plan the timeframe when you click the date. 

After confirming a time, click Volgende to confirm the appointment.

After finishing these steps you got an appointment ready for the KvK. You will be informed about everything that's necessary at the KvK location. 

If you need any more information about signing up as a rider, just send us a message! 

Important notes:
The KvK will charge you €50,- for setting up the company. You can only pay this with card. The KvK will ask you if you want to buy a Uitreksel of you signup for €15,-. We will not ask for a copy, but if you want it for your own administration, it could be helpful.

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