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I want to use my phone on my bike, can I?
I want to use my phone on my bike, can I?

You are not allowed to use your phone on the bicycle, there is even a law for it. We explain you everything about it here.

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A phone and a bike, the two key-essentials you need as a Packaly Rider. However, make sure you don't use both at the same time! Just like when driving a car, it is also forbidden to use your phone while cycling.

Do not use your phone manually while you are riding the bike. This is both very unsafe and illegal and will put you at very high risk. When you need to make a phone call or use your phone, stop riding the bike and go to the side of the road, in an area where you are safe from traffic. 

New law regulations on using your phone

Starting on the 1st of July 2019, a new law will be effective in The Netherlands, which forbids cyclists from using their phone while driving. The fine for holding your phone in your hand while riding a bike is €95,-. Next to using your phone while riding your bike you will also be fined for using your headphones on the wire while riding your bicycle. More information about all laws and what you can and cannot do can be found here

Important note:
We value safety above everything. We think that the law making you stop for texting or calling on a bicycle is very important. Therefore we want to make sure that you follow this law. 

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