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I am doing my first order, how does it work?
I am doing my first order, how does it work?

A quick guide on picking up your first order and delivering it to the customer.

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Great, you are doing your first order. That is amazing. We are super happy that you are joining the team and already started working. It's super easy to start working, but here it is explained.

Accept or decline an order

When an order comes in, you have the option to Accept it or Decline it. You are a freelancer, so you decide in any case what to do, but we appreciate it if you Accept the order.

Start navigation with Google Maps

Once you Accept an order you can click Start Navigation, which will open Google Maps. There you will find the route to the store, where you have to pick up the order. When you arrive at the store, check if you can take your bicycle inside and make sure that it is locked safely. When entering the store, please look for the counter and go and inform the store employee at the counter that you are picking up an order.

Show the order ID that you are picking up

On your phone, you will see the order ID that you have to pick up at the store. Make sure that you ask politely and do not disturb other customers with questions. Wait for the store employee to hand you over the correct order and double check that it's correct. You are ready to move out!

Head to the customer address

Once you do this, you can click start navigation in the app, which will redirect you to the Google Maps application with the correct route to the customer. Once arrived at the customer, ring the bell and check if the customer is home. Hand over the order and finish the order in the app. You will now be available to do a new order. 

Important note:
When you face a problem, feel free to contact support right in the flow order 

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