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I need to do my finances, is that hard?
I need to do my finances, is that hard?

Everything you need to know about how Packaly is dealing with taxes and your payout.

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Because you are an independent contractor, you need to do your own taxes by the Dutch law. We want to make sure that you do it correctly, so we advice you to use a bookkeeping system. We recommend to use something cheap, but functional enough to do everything automatically, like Moneybird.

If you need help setting this up, their support is incredibly fast.

Because you do deliveries for us, we make an invoice that states what you worked on, and what we are paying you for. You do not have to do anything for it, just make sure that in your accounting program, you set up this 'invoice' to be send to Packaly B.V.. The information of our company can also be found on that invoice.

If you have any questions about this handling, contact our support through the chat.

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