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I am in danger, or I feel unsafe, what do I do?
I am in danger, or I feel unsafe, what do I do?

Everything you should know about what to do when you face violence or an harassment

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At Packaly, we want you to feel safe and comfortable while doing deliveries. We are very strict with security. Therefore we didn't only secure our user data, but also made some protocols for if you are in danger.Β 

There are some steps for this situation

  1. Identify the problem, is it serious and do you think that we cannot solve it and it may harm you in any way? Make sure that you call 112 immediately.

  2. Do you have an incident that you can solve with another rider helping you? Chat with our support asap and we will see if a rider manager from the city can help you out immediately.Β 

Something you can solve over chat? Send us a support message and we will help you out on the support channels.

Important note:
Are you not willing to publicly talk about this or do you want to make notice about something harmful? Tell our support chat you need to talk to the trustperson within the organisation and we will make sure you get all the care you need.Β 

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