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I had an accident, what should I do?
I had an accident, what should I do?

You had an accident? This is what you should do next.

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First of all, are you alright? We need to make sure you are safe and sound and then start thinking of the necessary steps.

Don't worry, we will help you in every step that has to be taken. If you are able to, it is important you immediately contact us. In case medical assistance is needed, please call 112 first and make sure that you are out of further harm.

What to do with my order?

We will find one of your fellow riders that can deliver the order, we are in charge of this and we will make sure the customer will be updated about the situation. You just need to contact our support first.Β 

Insurance, who takes care of what?

Packaly does provide accident insurance for every Rider. Accident Insurance is a type of insurance where you can get a refund for the material or bodily damage resulting from an accident. Accident Insurance is complementary to, but not a replacement for, health insurance.

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