Great! Make sure you have already a KVK and VAT number, so you won't have to wait anymore. If you do not have a KVK, find out here how to get it. We always try to give you the most smooth on-boarding experience possible. Below we explained the flow in 5 steps:

1. Go to "Word bezorger"

In the top of the website you click Bezorgers and then in the top right corner click Word Bezorger. After clicking this you will see a list of terms you need to have before you can become a rider. Got that all covered? Let's click Start met aanmelden.

2. Fill in all the details asked 

You will be asked to provide some information, like name, date of birth and e-mail address. This is the information that we ask from you to start working:

  • Your name

  • City you want to work

  • Date of birth

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • KVK (chamber of commerce number) - This is necessary to work

  • BTW (Tax number) 

  • Name of company registration

  • Name of bank holder

  • IBAN number (for payouts)

  • Streetname

  • House number

  • City

  • Postal code

You need to make sure that you apply for the necessary steps that we ask, so we can fill in your contract and finish your onboarding.

3. You will receive your first e-mail 

After you successfully applied for the rider position you will receive an email with more information. We will now take the next step to fill in your profile. 

4. We receive your KVK credentials and address 

Once you gave us an update about these credentials, we prepare your contract and will send this to you. 

5. Let's sign the agreement

We recommend you to read it carefully and ask us if you have any questions. No questions or doubts left? Then give it a sign and send it back. We will set up your account and make sure you can start your first shift as soon as possible. 

After step 5 your account will be set up, and you will be ready to start delivering. 

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